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🔥Demonic spirits manifesting in the aisle at a Grocery Store + God encounter with Security🔥

  Anyone who knows me knows that it’s in my vocabulary to say “God bless you” when I walk by a person I know or don’t know. I typically wave, say hello and God bless you, and sometimes more depending on what I feel like God is prompting me to do. Well, I was looking to purchase a couple items at a grocery store before heading home with my mom last night. I walked past a lady and said “God bless you”. The lady snapped at me and said, “You’re saying God bless you. I didn’t sneeze!” She rolled her eyes and turned her back to me. I responded with a gentle tone and just spoke life, explaining what I meant by “God bless you”. I could feel the anger strongly on this individual. I walked away from her and continued to look for an item in the aisle. As I was looking for items this lady pushed her cart in my direction and stood waiting for me to move. She didn’t know how to say excuse me. Instead, she began to mock me and started saying “Are you going to bless the aisles now” and some not-so-ki

🔥Divine Appointment in the Air✈️🔥

God used a sweet lady to bless me with a free snack box on the airplane. I felt so honored . I typically mind my own business on planes and watch TV/movies, however, this trip is very different. I listened to a book on inner healing and deliverance on Audible and eventually dozed off. When I woke up and tried to fall back asleep again, I could hear God prompting me to stay awake and talk to the passenger next to me. So, I did. This conversation led to talking about the Bible and what I felt like God wanted to do in the individuals life. While we conversed, I started to feel God's presence on my hands and asked her if I could lay hands on her and pray over her. This lady was so open to recieve. We were having a prayer meeting in the air and Holy Spirit was present. Yay, God. We also talked about career, ministry, food, and family. Eventually, I ended up at my parent's house and devoured a yummy Thanksgiving meal with various treats. I tried fried Oreos for the first time . It wa

🔥🔥🔥3 individual plans to commit suicide terminated because an individual decided to open up his mouth🔥🔥🔥

Imagine individuals who set their minds to kill themselves today and you happen to be in close proximity. You’re sensing something isn’t right and you might even be discerning suicide. Would you keep it moving or pursue God to find out what’s going on? A speaker at the conference I attended last month shared about a time when a man and woman were arguing in a vehicle. They were visibly angry. An individual felt like he needed to go talk to them. He prayed and eventually approached the vehicle to interrupt the heated conversation. Come to find out, the couple were planning to commit suicide and were arguing about what to do with their child they were going to leave behind after committing suicide. The guy shared what he felt like God gave him and pretty much the couple decided to not commit suicide that day and gave their lives to Christ. Hallelujah. Right after this happened, this guy testified to another individual and the individual ran after another person he felt needed to hear abo

Forgiving Father Wounds and Healing at a Gym

I noticed a beautiful lady today at a gym and felt like God was highlighting her to me. She walked past me several times and we briefly exchanged words with one another. She was in the middle of a high-intensity workout and I happened to be in her path. When it appeared that she was finished with her workout, I approached her. I began to talk to her about fitness and prophecy started to flow. I shared stuff that I felt like God wanted to share with her. She told me that she needed to hear those words today too. I also felt like God was highlighting the word “limping” before we started our conversation. I noticed that she was limping in the middle of her workout. As we talked, I asked her if she had pain in her body. She said she did. I asked her if she would like prayer and she was all in. The first time I prayed and asked her to move her body so she could see if the pain had decreased, she said nothing changed. I then heard the word “father wounds” and knew that God was leading me int

I can fight demonic oppression in Jesus' name

There is power in the name of Jesus to shut down demonic manifestations! During one of our breaks at the conference I attended, I decided to go outside for a stroll. After some time, I walked back to the building where the conference was and noticed a man near me who started walking in my direction. He was rapping and I almost joined in to freestyle with him until I discerned that there was something demonic about this individual’s behavior. Once I got to the door to head back into the building, the man got even closer to me. He looked directly at me, kissed at me without physically touching my face, and spoke something strange to me. My first reaction was to look directly at him and tell him, “Jesus loves you!” The guy started speaking profanities loudly. He looked visibly confused as if he was not in his right mind. We were now in the building and there were multiple witnesses. People were looking at us and these people who spectated looked visibly afraid. Nobody tried to jump in to

I can fight fear - Pushing past fear to speak prophetically to a man who lost his child

What would you do if you were standing in line for coffee and it looked like someone was cutting the line? Would you get his/her attention? Keep your mouth shut? Roll your eyes? Well… I was standing in front of a coffee stand in a market. There was no clear line and it was hard to tell where it started. From where I was standing, it appeared as if a guy was positioning himself ahead of me to order next. I opened my mouth and let this guy know I was waiting in line. Let’s call this guy Brave. Brave let me know that he saw me and everything was good. I asked him if he was a part of the conference I was attending. He said no then asked me what kind of conference I was attending. I told him I was there for a conference where people connect with God pretty much. Before I knew it we were deep in conversation about God and trauma he had experienced in his past. He told me that he was a former believer and a current Atheist due to losing his child. This and another significant event caus

I can fight fear! - Pushing past the fear of man to see another individual healed.

I love seeing God move.  I love when God encounters people.  The only thing is: For a long, long, long time I struggled with social anxiety and fear of man. I had terrible panic attacks and actually was diagnosed with social phobia among other "things". After I got saved in 2010, I started to pray dangerous prayers to push myself out of fear. I pretty much asked God to put me in situations where I could conquer fear. One of the things I started to do to fight fear was approach individuals that I felt God was highlighting and shared whatever God put on my heart for that person.  Recently, on September 28, I met a beautiful couple.  I noticed a gentleman limping and approached him and his wife. I shared about how I have seen Jesus heal and asked if they wanted to experience His healing. I shared a testimony about how someone I had prayed for received healing after forgiving. I also shared about how my mother was in tremendous pain and received complete healing after prayer. Wel

I can fight in PRAYER

  I can fight in PRAYER™ is a powerful spiritual warfare prayer series for kids. I want your children to know… How to replace lies with truth (John 8:32, 1 Peter 5:7). How to forgive and close doors to the enemy (Matthew 6:14-15). How to follow God and resist the devil (James 4:7). How to discern the voice of God (John 10:27). How to be friends with God (John 15:14). How to pray effectively (James 5:16) and MORE! Our young ones need to know there is  no Junior Holy Spirit , their identity is in Christ, their superpower is prayer and God is with them. Check out to learn more. Blessings, Olawunmi