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🔥 God highlighted this Uber Driver and Called him Brave 🔥

God highlighted this Uber driver and called him out as a brave individual and a Nehemiah called to pray, fight, and build. Now is the time to build‼️ #build #goshen #nehemiah #Jesus #biblical #bible #prayer #pray #fyp #uber #newyork #builder #freedomnow #superfocusprayer  

🔥Continually and Every Day Keep Me on Fire For You🔥

As I walked out of a building, I noticed a lady walking from the car parking lot towards my direction. It appeared that she was about to drop her stuff and she was going to need some help. Her stuff did end up falling and I ended up helping her. This was an easy opportunity to be a blessing and to share the love of Jesus Christ with her. I helped her but I also spoke into her life prophetically. Afterwards, I asked her if she would like to testify. She said yes. I love what she said: "Keep doing it because you change the day of someone when you say [God’s words]…"  Pretty much, lives are changed: 🔥When we say what God says. 🔥When we pray for the people we bump into or God highlights. 🔥When we prophesy and allow people to hear God’ truth. 🔥When we continue to speak over people every single day for the sake of the gospel. 🔥When we open our mouth consistently and conquer the fear of man. Keep doing it. You might stop someone from committing suicide. Keep dong it. You m