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🔥🔥Revival at Walmart 🔥🔥

I met a lady full of joy last night after work. I am so thankful that I got to speak with this beautiful, sweet lady. I was headed home originally but I was immediately redirected to drive back to Walmart again. There is a specific Walmart that God has highlighted to me for revival and I’m excited to see how God is going to shift some things in this particular location. I ended up talking to a few people last night. This convo/prayer/prophetic flow was interesting because God was highlighting several things. Here are a few that stood out to me: 1) Obedience to follow through on what God is saying to do. For example: If you’re super tired and headed home from work and God tells you drive another direction just to bless one person or a few, would you do it? If you’re sleeping and He wakes you up super early to pray for someone/finish up an assignment OR whatever it is, can God count on you to do it? 2) Revealing of secrets in dreams like warnings of who do business with and who not to do

🔥 Rise up, Childcare Workers who are on Fire for Jesus 🔥

  I bumped into a beautiful childcare worker on my way home from work at a store. I recorded a snippet of our prayer/conversation. I pray that God would raise up a strong remnant of childcare workers filled with the Holy Spirit, His power, and fruit! I pray that God would teach childcare workers to speak LIFE over children and not limitations. I pray that God would pour out His Spirit like never before on teachers, ministry workers, therapists, children’s doctors and anyone out there who works with children! 🔥Imagine nursery workers holding babies and prophesying God’s word over each of them regularly. 🔥Think of children’s workers raising up thousands of Josiahs who refuse to partner with the perversion of this world. 🔥Imagine doctors that lean not on their own understanding and choose to believe God’s Word! For with God nothing is impossible. Every child is Super Capable! 🔥Blog: 🔥Need prayer? #

Long taxi drives are a great opportunity to testify about Jesus 🙌🏾🔥

Long taxi drives are a great opportunity to testify about Jesus and what He did for you and I 🙌🏾❤️‍🔥🔥. Before I started testifying, I shared a prophetic word. The taxi driver asked me If I was a psychic. That's two days in a row now🥴. I used that as an opportunity to talk about the Holy Spirit. He is a revealer of secrets and knows everything. I just want people to know how amazing God is and how real He is. He loves us deeply and I love Him. He is worthy of our full surrender! #prophecy #Prayer #revivalist #bible #fyp #freedomnow #Jesus #testimony #healing  🔥

God highlights a fashion designer at the airport -Prophecy & Prayer flowed!!!🔥

I met a fashion designer at the airport while waiting for our flight to NY. Cool thing:  She is headed to a fashion show to display her creativity. She also had a beautiful daughter with her and I felt like God wanted to bless her so I shared a Bible verse and a flow of His prophetic words . Afterwards, I shared about the prophetic, healing, dreams, and the amazing community of believers I am connected to. This is a short clip from our longer conversation/prayer. #prophecy #prayer #Jesus #scripture #bible #newyork #houstontx #freedomnow #fyp #revival 

Bumped into Revivalists at a Popular Department Store🔥

  I bumped into revivalists at a popular department store. They weren’t aware of it but I felt like God wanted to make these beautiful young women aware and of how powerful He wants them to be for Him. How amazing it would be to see these young ladies filled up with God’s power and… ·         Share God’s love with people. ·         Share the Gospel everywhere they go. ·         Heal the brokenhearted. ·         Point people to Jesus and how beautiful He is. ·         Unashamedly follow Jesus. I pray that these young women will fulfill every detail of what they are called to do in life and that nothing would hinder them from loving God with all their hearts. For anyone out there that desires to walk like Jesus did, start today! Go pray for someone! Tell someone you don’t know how much Jesus loves them! Ask God for a prophetic word for someone! Ask God for a Bible verse! Enter a store and ask God what He wants you to know! Start somewhere! God didn’t give you a spirit of fear but of powe

Man at Rest Stop Shares Healing Testimony

I met Billy on my way to Texas in January. I shared a prophetic word with him and afterwards he shared a couple testimonies with me and what God has done in His life. This one in particular is of a time Jesus healed him. Another cool thing about meeting Billy is that he told me he was planning to move to Texas too 🔥🔥🔥. Jesus is healer and He is still healing today! Hallelujah 🙌🏾❤️‍🔥🔥. #Jesus #healer #healing #freedom #freedomnow #prophetic #propheticevangelism #God #fyp #Bible #faith #nofear Need prayer 👇🏾 FB group (Super Focus Prayer)

🔥Jesus heals man in physical pain from gunshot at a gas station🔥

On my way home from a powerful revival night, I stopped by a gas station with my mother. While I was there, I asked God if anyone there needed healing and I heard “yes”. It wasn’t long before I noticed a man limping into the convenience store. When he came out, I approached him and asked him if he was in pain. He said YES and then I asked him if he wanted to be healed right now. He said YES! Sweet –I felt confident that healing was going to take place. The guy with the limp shared with me that he was in pain from a gunshot. I asked him if he was a believer but regardless if he wasn’t, I still would have offered to pray for him. He said that his pain level was at a 10 on a scale of 0 (no pain) to 10 (the worst pain). We prayed and the pain went down right away. We also released individuals to God via forgiveness prayers and the pain went down again and he said he felt better. After I turned off the recorder, I ran to my car to get some paper so I could jot down a way that he could get c

🔥Beautiful Lady Completely Healed at a Drive-thru 🔥

On January 26, 2023, I went through a drive-thru and the lady behind the window was in tremendous pain. I asked her if she wanted to be completely healed at that moment. She said yes. After I asked, I started recording with her permission. After the first prayer, the pain dropped down to a 3. The pain level was very high to start with. After forgiveness, the pain dropped down to a 0. I loved this beautiful lady's facial reaction when God healed her completely. Watch and see how good God is. Just yesterday a lady was completely healed from pain at a level 10. I still plan to share that video too. Jesus is still healing today and every believer is called to do the works of Jesus and more! I felt like God was highlighting healing in her life particularly, however, every believer can do this too.  Praise Him! Need prayer?:

Jesus heals lady with Arthritis!

Came across a lady who had a pain level of 10 but walked away pain-free after  #prayer . Jesus healed her.  #healing   #prophetic   #evangelism   #fyp   #Bible   #houstontx   #Jesus   #Jesusheals