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Beautiful Lady Gets Encouraged in a Food Aisle at Walmart

I went looking for hummus and when I started to walk towards the checkout area I spotted a beautiful lady with a green top who was looking for orange juice. I literally felt like God was saying “Excuse me” as I looked at her direction. Come to find out this beautiful lady was having a super rough day and needed encouragement. Really, the Holy Spirit helps me so much when it comes to approaching people. He gives me prompts to start speaking and I open my mouth and just TRUST that God is going to do something every single time. It’s not about me but I’m so glad I get to be a part of God’s fun adventures. Here is a short testimony from this beautiful lady. I plan to share the full clip sometime later. P.S. Ask God to highlight one person who needs to be encouraged tonight. Lift that person up in prayer and ask God for a prophetic word + Scripture. Then, take the next step and SHARE IT with the person. P.P.S. Who doesn’t need encouragement? Be blessed! Blog : https://fightinprayer.blogspot

🔥 Prophecy and Testimony at a restaurant food line🔥

Restaurant food lines are great opportunities to pray, prophecy, and testify about Jesus Christ and what He has done in our lives! Yesterday, I discovered a new food spot and knew that God had something to say to someone in there. I met a beautiful young lady who prepared my delicious bowl of food while I testified and prophesied. I cut the video short but here is some of it. Be bold this week and look for opportunities to share about Jesus. He really is healer! He really is a deliverer! Call unto Him and He will show you great and mighty things you don’t know (Jeremiah 33:3). I so desire that everyone would know Jesus! He is the BEST! 🔥 Blog: 🔥 Prayer: #healthyfood #breakthroughs #prophecy #testimony #testify #healing #deliverance #Jesus #God #HolySpirit #bible #bibleverse #scripture

🔥🔥DMV Prophetic Breakthroughs🔥🔥

  This was a memorable day. I officially became a Texan and handed my Virginia Drivers License to one of the workers at the DMV. There were multiple opportunities to speak to different people and share about Jesus. This guy in particular happened to be standing outside of the DMV as I was heading out. The weather was crazy and a Hurricane was on the horizon. I walked up to him and started prophesying and prayed about some things too. (Instead of introducing myself I literally just start prophesying and this grabs the person’s attention like 99% of the time where the person is willing to actually listen and respond and sometimes wonder how I know them. I don’t but God does 😊.) After we conversed with one another he said he’d testify on camera. He let me know that he got the chills because the prophetic word was on point. I am thankful that what was said witnessed to him, however, prophetic words mean nothing if we don’t do anything with them and we don’t get transformed. My goal when I

🔥🔥Jesus healed a man on his way into Walmart 🔥🔥

Last night I discovered chocolate hummus at a nearby Walmart, but even cooler than that, Jesus healed a man on his way into Walmart.  I had just ended a super long work day. I arrived at work around 7:45am and left around 7:28pm. (Big kudos to all the nurses out there working 12-hour shifts. Never saw myself at that level before.)  Before I got into my car, I felt like God was reminding me to go to Walmart regardless of how I was feeling in that moment. He was showing me some areas where I needed to release forgiveness before heading out. Fast forward…  I ended up prayer walking and bumping into a few individuals and shared a few things I felt led to share with those people. As soon as I walked out of Walmart, a man was about to enter Walmart who happened to be limping.  I immediately started talking to this guy about Jesus and healing. He let me know that by the stripes of Jesus Christ he surely is healed and was about to go on his merry way. I spoke an “amen” and kept pressing in for