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🔥🔥5-hour New Years Eve Breakthrough at a French Spot - Healing, Prophecy, and Prayer🔥🔥

 🔥🔥5-hour New Years Eve breakthrough at a French Spot – Healing, Prophecy, and Prayer🔥🔥 I went to a delicious French spot today and God broke through and encountered several individuals with healing, prophecy, and prayer. I showed up at 8am and left after 1pm. Here are some of the ways God moved today at this one French food spot: 1)      A beautiful lady received inner healing prayer. Her heart was super open. We dealt with trauma and forgave different individuals responsible for trauma in her life. This all happened over food, coffee and lattes over a period of around 4.5 hours. I experienced God’s love and compassion on a deeper level today as I sat down and listened to seriously painful stuff that nearly left me in tears too. God released prophetic words and prayer over this individual. Also, after we dealt with a lot of the emotional stuff, God broke through with physical healing too. 2)      I spoke to one of the store clerks as I was ordering a second latte and felt like she