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🔥Jesus Heals a Man's Knee at the Gym🔥

I met this guy at the gym today. He had pain in his knees on a scale of 9 (high level pain) out of 10 (extreme pain). I was on the elliptical when I spotted him walking in my direction. I could tell he was about to leave but because I had heard God say that healing was in the room, I jumped off my elliptical and started a conversation with this man. I ended up testifying about recent healings that I have seen recently and asked him if I could record his healing take place. I just knew God was going to heal him at 100%. He was all in and praised Jesus for the healing after we were done praying. God is amazing. #Jesus #healer #healing #God #christiantiktok #freedomnow #superfocusprayer #fyp #houston #houstontx #gym #reels #prophetic #propheticevangelism #health #fitness #healthesick #Godaventures #adventures #bible #scripture #peace

Soul Winning & Testifying at the Gym

  Last week I visited two gyms. At the first gym, I had the opportunity to do some cross fit and see an MMA ring as well. I’m not planning on getting into any MMA stuff though I used to kickbox. I did have an interest in getting into the ring just because but I didn’t get a chance to do that. We ran 200 meters, used kettlebells and other weights, jump roped, and sweated a whole lot. I had the opportunity to share with a trainer at the gym my salvation story and the healing power of Jesus Christ. I told her about a dream I had and someone connecting me to a prayer phone line (conference call with hundreds of people) where a stranger I didn’t know started praying details of my dream prophetically. This is when I believed God was truly real and received Jesus as my Lord and Savior in my bedroom. I visited another gym on the same day and God made it so clear to start a membership on the spot. I felt like I was back in high school visiting colleges and deciding which college was the be