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Word of Knowledge and Prophetic Flow at CAVA

Went live with Michelle U Brown last night to testify about all that God did at Cava and more ‼️ The Word of Knowledge is super powerful and brings so much breakthrough into peoples lives. God shocked several people last night. Yes - God is still speaking today 🥹🙌🏾🔥🙏🏾🥰.  Check it out. You can catch the full live on Michelle's Instagram page: This is a short clip of some of what God did last night. Watch the live to hear all the powerful testimonies plus live prophecy and words of knowledge released online too 🙌🏾🔥. #prophesy #prophetic #cava #Jesus #fyp #wordofknowledge #healing #deliverance #breakthrough #christiantiktok #shock #Godspeaks #scripture #bible #propheticevangelism #love 

🔥Prayer to Receive Jesus and the Baptism of the Holy Spirit at a Donut Shop 🔥

Yesterday was my dad’s birthday! We celebrated at home with a dance and then by going out to a donut shop that gives out a dozen FREE donuts every year for your birthday. I prayed with the lady who helped my dad and I with our donuts and gave her a prophetic word and told her to connect with me for more prayer via my card. The card has a QR code in the back that connects people straight to my prayer group Super Focus Prayer.  The goal is for people who I pray with to actually go deeper with the Lord and get discipled. As we were heading out, a guy spotted me and asked me to pray for him too. I heard the word “repentance” for him and began to talk to him about turning away from stuff that doesn’t please God and to turn to Him. I prayed for him to receive Christ and for him to receive the baptism of the Holy Spirit. I gave him my prayer card as well as a card to connect with my church. I felt like he also really needed men in his life who really follow Jesus! Getting plugged into commu

Prayer, Prophecy, and Encouragement in the Super Focus Prayer Group

In the Super Focus Prayer™ group, a couple brave individuals came on camera for prayer. I particularly loved praying with this young adult because of his compassion towards people. I shared a bit about my process when it comes to praying for others when I’m out and about (i.e., at the grocery store). There was a time before I moved to Houston, TX that I’d feel the power of God on my hands and know that God wanted to heal someone but out of FEAR I’d shrink back and not talk to the person. My strategy now: As soon as I know it’s God, I go and I partner with what God is doing regardless of how I feel. My prayer is that God will raise up bold warriors who will share the Gospel wherever they go. They won’t be ashamed to move in healing. They won’t be ashamed to cast out demons. They wont be ashamed to pray in the name of Jesus (someone recently asked me to NOT pray in Jesus’ name). They will think outside of the box. They are world changers and not focused on themselves. Pursue God when it