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🔥Prophetic Flow and Salvation at a College Library 🔥

  Had my eye on this place for months now. It's a library on a college campus. I absolutely love libraries! I got my first official library card today in Houston, TX.  Woohoo!🙌🏾🔥 God highlighted several people while I was there with my mom. I had the opportunity to pray with several highschool students .... salvation took place, baptism of the Holy Spirit took place, prophetic activations, prophecy, prayers of forgiveness released and some deliverance too. My mom released prophetic words as well 🔥. Ask God to highlight a place that you frequently go to OR new territory that He wants you to start going to then ask Him this simple question: "What do you want me to know about _______?" Expect to hear from God about the location. As you continue to lift this place up in prayer and step out expect God to move powerfully! Music🎶: "1 God, 1 Bread, New Wine" by Inael #prayer #fyp #christiantiktok #Jesus #salvation #activations #propheticactivations #everyb

Prophecy and Prayer at CAVA - Encouragement + Prophetic Words Confirmed 🔥

I had a blast yesterday. Before our lunch break, Rhonda asked me about going on an adventure so I took her to CAVA lol. That’s my kind of adventure LOL – food and prophecy! (Kind of joking here! I like movement not just eating.) Technically, Rhonda took us since she drove but nevertheless, we went on an adventure and it was super powerful. Plus, she had the most joyful demeanor. She was like a kid at the candy store and it was super awesome to see how joyful and excited she was just to pray and prophesy over people. As we were headed to CAVA I could sense God’s desire for PRAYER to erupt in her vehicle so we all began to lift up our voice in prayer. We asked God for opportunities to witness to people and I immediately could tell that God wanted to love on one of the guys who ended up preparing all three of our Mediterranean bowls. For the purpose of this story, I’ll call him GRACE. All three of us tag teamed Grace and released a prophetic flow. This really changed his countenance. It w

🔥Multitasking Breakthroughs at Coffeeshops 🔥

 🔥Multi-tasking Breakthroughs at Coffeeshops🔥 There is a grace to sit at coffee shops, get stuff done, and still be a blessing to others. I’m intentional when I go out to coffee shops. I’m intentional about getting stuff done and I’m intentional about speaking prophetically into peoples’ lives. This is a serious BEHAVIOR change that I give God 100% credit for. For example: As I write this I am sitting at my table enjoying a delicious white chocolate mocha 🙃. I asked God what He wanted to do and I heard “I want to bless people here.” Pretty simple. But how God? How do you want to bless the people here? Ask and He will reveal (Jeremiah 33:3 among many other Scriptures). He might tell you to pray. He might give you a specific word of knowledge. He might use you to release healing breakthrough. He might tell you to ask a barista for his/her Cash App and bless him/her financially and prophesy too. He might use you to lead the person to Jesus Christ right on the spot. Whatever He tells yo