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New Book Release! PreOrder now 🔥


I’m excited to share my new book “Super Activations for Prophetic Evangelism” with you all! It’s coming out super soon! Preorder here: & check out the description below👇🏾:

"Super Activations for Prophetic Evangelism" isn't just another book; it's a dynamic mix of a journal, devotional, and personalized guide to embarking on a powerful God adventure. This unique resource empowers you to handpick from 100+ prophetic activations that resonate with you at any given moment, opening doors to powerful God encounters.

Imagine flipping through its pages, searching for the stories that challenge you to step outside your comfort zone. Want to know how to share the Gospel at a liquor store, prophesy over individuals at an airport, or perhaps pray for physical healing at a hotel lobby? You'll find powerful experiences and faith-stirring testimonies from Olawunmi Fajobi that will leave you inspired. Discover the memorable story of an injured woman at a gas station who encountered salvation or the lady who asked Olawunmi for prayer and help to be free of demons at a doctor’s office. These accounts are more than just stories; they're testimonies to encourage you to start your own journey of normalizing prophetic evangelism.

"Super Activations for Prophetic Evangelism" offers a flexible approach; you're not bound to recite the same exact prayers that the author used. Instead, consider this book as a guideline for your own prophetic journey. The Holy Spirit can work through these prompts to help you move in power in places you never thought to go to for prayer. Be the pioneer, and create your stories in uncharted territories.

What's truly remarkable is that this book provides prophetic activations designed for use with people you meet and engage with daily, from the streets to wherever your path takes you. These prophetic activations will usher in God encounters like never before. Are you ready to experience miracles and walk in the authority of a true disciple of Jesus? "Super Activations for Prophetic Evangelism" invites you to unlock the extraordinary in your everyday life.

🥳Preorder here:

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Paperback coming soon 📖🤓

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