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🔥Multitasking Breakthroughs at Coffeeshops 🔥

 🔥Multi-tasking Breakthroughs at Coffeeshops🔥

There is a grace to sit at coffee shops, get stuff done, and still be a blessing to others. I’m intentional when I go out to coffee shops. I’m intentional about getting stuff done and I’m intentional about speaking prophetically into peoples’ lives.

This is a serious BEHAVIOR change that I give God 100% credit for.

For example: As I write this I am sitting at my table enjoying a delicious white chocolate mocha 🙃. I asked God what He wanted to do and I heard “I want to bless people here.”

Pretty simple.

But how God? How do you want to bless the people here?

Ask and He will reveal (Jeremiah 33:3 among many other Scriptures).

He might tell you to pray.

He might give you a specific word of knowledge.

He might use you to release healing breakthrough.

He might tell you to ask a barista for his/her Cash App and bless him/her financially and prophesy too.

He might use you to lead the person to Jesus Christ right on the spot.

Whatever He tells you to do. Just do it.

He told me what to do and the person I spoke to was SHOCKED. He didn’t expect the kind of God encounter God gave him.

I love Jesus and I love that He loves people so well.

Take action: Wherever you are, ask God what He's doing and how you can join Him 🙏🏾🔥

Side note: I’m actually studying Applied Behavior Analysis stuff. For me this is a season of intense study!

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